Kindred Collective was started by Sofya Polyakov in 2014 as an informal dinner series between friends. Since then it’s been hosted in multiple cities and attended by some of the most brilliant minds of today.

We aim to bring together women who have something in common: they’re trailblazers in their field and they care deeply about the world around them. Our members are founders, entrepreneurs, and women in leadership positions across a variety of industries. In recognizing the collective power of joining our voices and experiences, we strive to bridge the conversations happening across tech, entertainment, government, advertising, venture, creative, and social activism.

We believe that women are stronger together.
— Sofya Polyakov

We believe that women are stronger together, that supporting women in leadership positions is our best chance at building a better and stronger society, and that amazing things can happen when you bring together extraordinary women for an intimate dinner of personal stories and meaningful conversations.

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